Pregnant Pauses

Pregnant Pauses®

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Pregnant Pauses® is an exercise program specifically designed to change the way women experience pregnancy. An innovative and unusual approach to movement Pregnant Pauses® teaches you to use and move your body in a more intelligent, effective and efficient way. Utilizing the latest research in movement, Pregnant Pauses® alleviates pain and discomfort while increasing energy to ultimately provide a overall healthier pregnancy.

The Pregnant Pauses® DVD set has over seven hours of proven instruction compiled into six different “Pauses” each aimed to teach simple movement methods that ease everyday tasks such as getting up and down, sleeping, rolling over and breathing. Each “Pause” is explained step by step so you will gain the maximum benefit along with a short talk that will help you understand the thinking and theory behind each “Pause.”

Pregnant Pauses® increases your energy and improves your quality of life, while helping you adjust to the changes occurring through each stage of your pregnancy. By doing small, gentle movements for only 20-40 minutes a day you will be amazed at how easily you’ll be able to do everything from rolling over in bed, carrying your growing baby more comfortably, getting up or down, learning how to do Kegel exercises in an easier, more efficient way, getting in and out of a chair, and moving more freely. It is as simple as doing slow, easy movements, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Pregnant Pauses® utilizes your nervous system’s innate intelligence to bring about a new and more effective relationship between your muscular and skeletal systems. Based on years of research through wide-ranging applications, Pregnant Pauses® is a direct application of the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education.

Easier than Yoga, more fun than Pilates, you’ll be guided to a new understanding of how your body works and how you can move.