Labor and Birth Support

Labor and Birth Support

Package Offerings

Mothercare – $920

My Mothercare basic service package includes:

  • our initial conversation
  • unlimited phone and email conversation
  • one prenatal massage
  • one prenatal home visit, which includes a review of comfort techniques best suited for you, an introduction to Biological Nurturing Breastfeeding and HUG Your Baby – reading your newborn’s cues
  • on call time for two weeks prior to the estimated birth date until birth occurs
  • support during labor and delivery and the immediate postpartum period
  • one postpartum visit during which I will offer instruction in newborn massage and a CranioSacral evaluation and treatment for your baby.

Motherkind – Basic service package plus another prenatal massage. $990

Motherlove – Basic service plus one perinatal massage in your home. $1020

Nurture the Mother – Basic service package plus one prenatal massage and 2 perinatal massages (one in your home). $1160

Contact me to set up your initial conversation.

“No matter how prepared first-time fathers are, birth is still a frightening unknown. But I felt so much more confident having Joanne there. She did a marvelous job easing my wife’s pain and anxiety through a long and difficult back labor. She was also an advocate for us when we were confronted with the bewildering bureaucracy of modern hospital births. Joanne did everything, from slow dances with my wife during contractions to snapping pictures during delivery. I don’t know what we would have done without her.”

J.E.S., satisfied papa in Durham