Hypnobabies Classes

Hypnobabies® Hypnosis for Childbirth

Hypnobabies Hypnosis for Childbirth is a six-week series; each class is 3.5 hours in length and is limited to 6 couples. The cost of the series is $350 and includes the following materials ($75)

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive Hypnobabies workbook
  • 17 hypnosis tracks for the Hypno-Mom
  • 1 hypnosis track for the Birth Partner
  • The Hypnobabies Quick Reference Guide for use during your birthing time
  • The Birth Partner’s Guide Booklet
  • 5 Hypnobabies scripts in a spiral bound book
  • Additional handouts and brochures

What happens during a Hypnobabies class?

The majority of your time in class is spent preparing for a healthy pregnancy and a positive and joyful experience during birth. You will learn about nutrition, exercise, the stages of labor, choices available to you during childbirth, how to be a well-informed consumer, and how to use the Hypnobabies tools for comfort during your birth. The last half hour of class is dedicated to learning self-hypnosis by practicing as your teacher reads a hypnotic script. You will go home with the materials necessary to practice and deepen your experience of hypnosis. Your birth partner and other members of your birth team are able to learn supportive practices to help you both learn the techniques of hypnosis and use them during your birth.

In between classes, you will have “home play” assignments to complete, these include reading, exercises and the, all important, hypnosis practice. As with any new skill, time is needed for learning process; you can plan to spend approximately 30 minutes per day practicing hypnosis by using the scripts provided, plus time for reading, and incorporating suggested exercises into your routine.

After the series is completed, a schedule will provided to support you as you continue to practice hypnosis every day until the baby is born. This practice will strengthen the power and efficacy of all the tools you have learned throughout the classes and during your home practice sessions. Preparing in this way for a positive, calm and joyful birth takes time and focus….and it’s worth it!

What topics are covered??

Hypnobabies is a comprehensive childbirth preparation class. Here is a partial list of our topics:

  • How to stay Healthy and Low risk
  • Staying Comfortable during Pregnancy
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Birth
  • Stages of Labor
  • Baby Kick Counting
  • Belly Mapping
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Turning a Posterior Baby
  • Avoiding Back Labor with the Abdominal Lift and Tuck
  • The Risks, Benefits and Alternatives to Common Labor Interventions
  • How to give informed consent or decline procedures
  • Birth Empowerment Skills
  • Birth Plans & Baby Plans
  • Detailed birth preparation and training for Birth Partners
  • Information for making personal birthing choices
  • Avoiding Induction and Cesarean Section
  • Delayed Cord Clamping and other Baby Kindness information
  • Birthing Rehearsals using Hypnobabies techniques in class
  • New Baby Care, Breastfeeding and Postpartum

For more information, see the course outline.

Class Schedule for 2017

​June 2- July 7

July 28- Sept 1

Oct 6- Nov 10

All classes are held on Friday
from 6pm to 9:30pm at
The Women’s Birth and Wellness Center


“When I was pregnant with my second child, I was very anxious about having another rapid and intense birthing experience. I sought out a Hypnobabies class to help me cope better with the unknown. During the 6-week course, I felt my anxiety level decrease as I began to envision a different, more comfortable, birthing experience. When my birthing day came, I relied heavily on the Hypnobabies CDs and positive affirmations to stay calm and focused throughout labor. With the help of my CDs and my Hypno-doula, I was able to comfortably participate, and this time, it WAS a wonderful birthing experience!”

Donna E.

“…we can say that if the body is completely relaxed, it is impossible to entertain fear. …Complete general relaxation is the ideal to aspire to, but on the other hand, it is astonishing how even imperfect relaxation may alter the whole course of labor.  …if women have tried to learn relaxation and are able to put it into effect, astonishingly gratifying results are obtained, for the discomforts of labor vary inversly to the woman’s ability to relax” – Dr. Grantley Dick-Read  in Childbirth Without Fear

Contact Joanne for information with any questions or to register for a Hypnobabies class series.

Visit the Hypnobabies website for more information. including a free introductory MP3.