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Birth doula Durman NC

As a birth doula and provider of childbirth education and pregnancy massage services, I am honored to be present and available to women and their partners as they welcome a new child into their lives. I believe giving birth is a time of high demand on all involved, both mother and child and her support team. Birth is complex, a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience. And, though there has been much done to medicalize the process of birth, I believe childbirth is a natural process that can be supported while keeping interference to a minimum. Birth is sacred. “entitled to reverence and respect” (Merriam-Webster).

Having been with over 500 women as they gave birth, I have discovered that women who are in tune with their body wisdom, and have developed a capacity for being mindful in the present moment, find it easier to accept the flow of labor with grace and a sense of balance. In order to enhance these innate skills I offer a variety of additional services to my own doula clients and women in the community. My basic doula package includes one prenatal massage during which I share a self-care routine based on The Arvigo Method of Maya Abdominal Therapy. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) exploration can be used to clear away limiting beliefs or fearful thoughts. After the baby has arrived I am able to offer CranioSacral Therapy to ease the transition or to address specific challenges that may be present.

I offer classes that create opportunities for women to develop internal resources which can be drawn upon during the birth process and beyond. Hypnobabies® Hypnosis for Childbirth is a complete childbirth education series which includes learning medical self-hypnosis. Calm Birth® is meditation for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Pregnant Pauses® is a proven exercise program that alleviates pregnancy pain, increases energy and helps ensure a healthier pregnancy. You may also choose to utilize my Focus for a Minute™ audio guides in the comfort of your own home and workplace.

“Pregnancy is a journey. At the end a woman gives birth not only to a baby, but also to her own identity as a mother.” — Gayle Peterson

In addition to the services I offer pregnant women, I maintain an active massage and body therapy practice, supporting both men and women on their journey toward optimal health.


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