Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional FreedomTechnique (EFT) is a simple and potent tool to that can be used to overcome the normal concerns, fears or insecurities that may arise during pregnancy and during birth. By creating changes in thoughts and beliefs women can change their experience. The normal shift of hormones during pregnancy often brings great fluctuation of emotions, and often issues that have been unresolved come to the surface. This is true both during pregnancy and birth. EFT is well recognized for its ability to facilitate the release of negative emotions. Many of the physical symptoms associated with pregnancy can also be mitigated or relieved. And once there is greater comfort and ease EFT can be utilized to strengthen your positive thoughts and visualizations of ideal birth allowing you to move forward with greater confidence.

EFT utilizes the same system – the meridian system – that acupuncturists use during their therapeutic sessions. Rather than stimulating these points with needles, EFT creates the stimulations through a gentle tapping or one’s own fingers while repeating short statements about a particular memory, belief, experience or physical symptom. Past experiences, even past trauma can be cleared away with this method. As the energy meridian system is activated through the tapping, the body memory associated with the incident or belief is transformed.

EFT is safe and can be repeated on your own as often as needed. There are no negative side effects, though tapping on deep emotional issues can bring up unexpected feelings. It’s not uncommon for tears to come when tapping around difficult subjects, and some people feel safer tapping with a professional to keep them on course throughout a session. Once negative beliefs are deleted, the tapper can switch gears and tap in positive beliefs. One of the side benefits of EFT is that sometimes other issues resolve that were not specifically being focused upon.