Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage

benefits of massage prenatal

General Therapeutic Benefits

  • ease muscle tension, spasticity, stress-related symptoms and headaches
  • boost the functioning of the immune system
  • promotes nervous system functioning
  • improves mood, intellectual reasoning and job performance
  • reduces blood pressure
  • stimulate the nervous system to increase muscle tone
  • stimulate the functions of the skin or an organ deep inside the body
  • either stimulate sluggish circulation or slow down the circulation as needed
  • alleviate anxiety and depression
  • increase range of motion
  • strengthen the connective tissue and muscles

Joanne, Thanks so much for the massage and pointers. After one night of sleeping as you suggested, the baby moved to the ideal position (confirmed by ultrasound). I’m feeling much more confident about our prospects now that I know she isn’t “stuck” in an OP position.

Jennifer G.