PRICING: A la Carte Services

  • Initial Massage/Body Therapy Appointment $120
  • Prenatal Massage $100
  • Helping Baby Find Optimal Positioning $120
  • Welcome Baby Session $120
  • Postpartum Massage $100
  • Lymphatic Breast Massage $120
  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST) $100
  • Infant CST $80

For more details about the above offerings, see Massage and Body Therapy.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique $120
  • Focusing Individual Session $100
  • Focusing Series of Three $240
  • Birth by Acronym™ $200  a concise childbirth preparation/review session with a focus on comfort measures and partner involvement.
  • Calm Birth Session $200  individual instruction in 3 empowering Meditation for Childbirth practices
  • Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage $200  review and practice your Hypnobabies materials with a certified Hypnobabies instructor
  • Spinning Babies Hands On Session $120  mom and her partner learn specific positional and hands on techniques to support greater comfort in pregnancy and an easier birth experience. 

More detailed descriptions of many of these techniques can be found on the Modalities page.