PRICING: A la Carte Services

  • Initial Massage/Body Therapy Appointment $145
  • Prenatal Massage $100
  • Helping Baby Find Optimal Positioning $145
  • Welcome Baby Session $145
  • Postpartum Massage $100
  • Lymphatic Breast Massage $115
  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST) $100
  • Bodywork4Babies $80

For more details about the above offerings, see Massage and Body Therapy.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique $120
  • Focusing Individual Session $100
  • Focusing Series of Three $240
  • Birth by Acronym™ $200  a concise childbirth preparation/review session with a focus on comfort measures and partner involvement.
  • Calm Birth Session $200  individual instruction in 3 empowering Meditation for Childbirth practices
  • Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage $200  review and practice your Hypnobabies materials with a certified Hypnobabies instructor
  • Spinning Babies Hands On Session $115  mom and her partner learn specific positional and hands on techniques to support greater comfort in pregnancy and an easier birth experience. 
  • Transformational  Birth Coach Method  $250 – 4 sessions

More detailed descriptions of many of these techniques can be found on the Modalities page.